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TravelPerk is a top-rated business travel management startup, founded in 2015 by Avi Meir and Javier Suarez. The team has increased from 20 to around 100 over the past year and the company just raised 21million dollars in a series B round.

We met TravelPerk to understand how this journey began.

How TravelPerk began?
Our CEO and cofounder, Avi Meir had sold his most recent company, Hotel Ninjas, to and was ready to innovate within the travel industry again.
He knew the leisure traveler had everything at his fingertips – they could choose their favorite platform and enjoy a customer experience designed specifically for them. However, the business traveler was stuck.
So Avi joined forces with our cofounder and CPO Javier Suarez (formally in product innovation at to fix business travel. TravelPerk started in Javier’s kitchen with dozens of ideas written on post-it notes.
We made it a long way since then, raising a total of $30 million dollars and growing TravelPerk to what it is today – the rising leader in corporate travel.

How does TravelPerk work?
It’s free and no-barrier to entry. You can sign up and start using the tool within minutes, literally. No negotiating or fixed-term contracts.
We combine the ease of sites like with business features that make compliance and reporting seamless and stress-free for travelers and admins, alike.
If you’re looking for more support getting started or insights into how we can customize your experience, you can chat with our travel experts by signing up for a demo here.

Who are your customers and what is your plus? Something that makes you unique?
For the last three years, we’ve focused on building an all-in-one platform that serves all the people who touch travel within a company – the traveler, admin, and financial leaders.
The previous solutions on the market left each role with the following issues…
Traveler: The business traveler is stuck. She’s locked into company contracts that don’t serve her and she can’t book any flight she wants. She must choose between lengthy customer service calls that squander her time and cost her company money or booking her flight herself on a consumer platform and adding the time on the tail end by filing expenses — that is, if it’s not out of policy.
Admin: The office or travel manager cannot get invoices back quickly enough. The invoices are inaccurate or they aren’t itemized. They trickle in months after the billing period. The company spend data is lost.
Financial leader: The CFO is blind. He does not know, not really, where and how the company’s travel budget is spent. If a corporate tool or agency is used, travel costs are astronomical. But if consumer tools are used, the costs are unknown. That’s why we set out to build a consumer-grade tool with business power.

Since building the world’s first and best consumer-grade, all-in-one platform to manage business travel, we’ve grown to over 1000+ customers.
Companies such as Uber, Typeform, Transferwise, GetYourGuide, and Outfittery are using TravelPerk to manage their corporate travel, and it’s saving them countless hours and tons of money. And if not more important, they’re enjoying the product.

What does Round B investment mean for you?
In 2018, we’ll be heavily focused on improving the experience for the traveler on the go and that means mobile. We’ll be your travel companion – in your pocket while you travel.
We’re investing in our 7-star trip support team to help you with anything you need – faster and with increased efficiency. Our travel inventory will become even better (not just flights and hotels) and doubling down on our work with our partners. Hotels will get much cheaper very soon, as we’re getting access to unique inventory that you can’t find anywhere online.
You’re going to love our upcoming UX improvements. Expect our product to keep improving and to be more intuitive, to know you better, and to make your life easier and less frustrating. At least when it comes to managing your travel.

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