Traineeship Abroad by ELSA – Testimonial by Gönül Gülce Işık


ELSA – The European Law Students’ Association is an international organisation run by and for law students and graduates, who are interested in achieving academic and personal excellence in addition to their studies at university.
One of the programmes offered by ELSA is called STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme) and offers the opportunity to have a working experience abroad – provided by companies, law firms, NGOs and so on.

Business and Leaders hosts Gönül Gülce Işık, an ELSA member from Turkey who joined the team a couple of weeks ago.

Here you can find her testimonial:
“It was three years ago when I first knew ELSA – The European Law Students Association. I was 2nd grade in Law School and I needed to do more about my career because in this world, if you want to be a good lawyer or be part of reputable company, graduating from the Law School is not enough. You have to speak at least two foreign languages, great transcript and at the same time you need to be sociable and networking with other people in the field. It sounds impossible doing it all at the same time, right­ ?

It is really difficult to be successful at school and to be social; but is not impossible. When I heard about the vision and purpose of  ELSA, I thought ‘it is exactly what I am looking for’. They aims at developing professional and student relations of an international nature in the field of Law, preparing members for professional life in an international environment, contributing to exchange of scholarly experience and stimulating mutual understanding and friendship on the principle of equality of all its members.

After one month, I found myself as an ELSA Istanbul member. I met great people from other universities, we were sharing similar dreams and goals. My first event in ELSA was L@W, which means lawyers at work, young students visiting law offices and lawyers sharing their experiences with students. My second event was study visit in Vienna and for the first time I was in professional life in an international environment.

Here we go!
I started my last year at the Law School and I still had the same feeling: I need to do more! That’s why I applied for STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme). However, STEP is always considered the hardest event to get involved in – because of the tough selection process – but I decided to try anyway. I went to ELSA STEP Website, I choose timetables, and Italy was my first choice.

Business and Leaders is a fast-growing online magazine, born in 2017, in Naples and they offer news and current headlines about economics, business and finance. I am planning to do my Master in economics, business and finance (with a major in international taxation), so their working area might be very beneficial for me. I have been to Italy before, but not in Naples, I was planning to visit one day, for sure.
To be honest, I applied for Business and Leaders, but I was despondent: lots of people apply for, why should they choose me?

I had an interview with Erika Rosenstein, the founder of the business magazine, and after a couple of days I received an e-mail from ELSA International: I had been selected for Business and Leaders, I was shocked, I will never forget that moment. During the interview, I felt so comfortable with the founder: Erika is such a successful, young woman. She was so kind to me and made me feel very comfortable during the interview.

Finally, I landed to Naples
I was not alone because three members of ELSA Naples were waiting for me at the airport. They were so helpful and hospitable. They invited me to their special events, dinners etc. I never felt alone, I was already in love with Naples because I actually felt like home from the very first time. I spent the weekend in Naples, I tasted amazing Neapolitan pizza, pasta, wines, coffee and dessert.

After weekend, I went to office and met Erika Rosenstein. She introduced me to other people in the office. They welcomed me warmly. During the breaks, they always invited me to drink coffee and lunch together. I loved the atmosphere at the office. Now, it is my last week in Naples, I am helping the team in developing the international section of Business and Leaders, writing news and dossiers about business law and finance – and also focusing on international taxation.
My articles are published by my name: normally if you are intern, under your work, your boss­`s name has written, not yours. However, Business and Leaders publishes my work with my name and it make me so happy and I can feel the respect on my work.
During my internship, I learnt lots of things about finance, business, tax and cryptocurrency which will be very beneficial for my career in the future. I started to feel emotional now because I am close to the end. I spent very good time here. I am happy to be part of this team. Big thanks to my great boss Erika Rosenstein, my supportive family, my colleagues in ELSA Naples, my office friends, my landlord and people I met in this fantastic city. All beautiful experiences I had here, I owe to you all”

Written by Gönül Gülce Işık




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