Masternode Invest: a New Way to Invest in the Crypto World


Lot of companies in the blockchain world, following all of them is kind of impossible. But today we have the chance to present Masternode Invest, a blockchain project with an Italian soul.

Emanuele Ferrari, CEO and founder of Masternode Invest, told us something more about this project.

1) What is Masternode Invest and what about your mission?
Masternode Invest is a company, operating in Fintech environment, allowing people to invest in crypto currency masternodes and earn a monthly Ethereum revenue.
Crypto currency masternodes are nodes on a decentralized network. They are used to complete unique functions in ways that ordinary nodes cannot. They can be used for additional features like direct send / instant transactions or private transactions.
Masternodes typically require a large investment in order to run, because you must lock into a wallet usually a large amount of coins; for example, if you want to set up a DASH masternode you will lock 1000 dash into a wallet and, at the current rate of 180$ \ dash, you must invest as around 180.000$. But this is where incentive comes into play, as masternode operators are rewarded by earning portions of block rewards in whatever given crypto currency they’re facilitating, a dash masternode will generate dash coins.

The core of our mission is to increase the possibility to invest in strong coins with POS-Masternode consensus algorithm and receive a real passive monthly revenue without needing a large investment and having any technical skills to set up masternodes.

 2) Which kind of problem do you aim to solve?
Masternode invest aims to solve three principal problems: first of all, the large investment needed for setting up a masternode; secondly, it is usually required to have technical skill to set up and manage a masternode and, last but not least, cyber security issues. As we said before, you need a large investment in coins in order to setup a masternode, and it is not easy doing it alone. We aim to raise funds from our investors and then open joint masternodes.
Our professional team has certified technical skills to set up masternodes and keep safe from hacker attacks.

3) How does your Masternode work?
Masternode Invest is a project designed to allow anyone to finance and participate in the creation of joint masternodes and receive a monthly income proportional to the tokens in their possession, even without having any technical capacity or large sums of capital. All annuities generated by the masternodes (a dash node will generate dash) will then be converted into Ethereum and divided proportionally among the holders of MS representing their participation in the masternode share. The whole process will be simplified to the maximum that will be automated through smart contracts and managed, on behalf of MS token holders, by a team of experts in the field. The user will have access to his / her account and on a monthly basis will receive his / her share due in a regular and transparent manner.

Later, as detailed on our roadmap we will launch Masternode Pool.

The masternode pools have been designed to give the possibility to a group of people to obtain an income by participating, proportionally to their investment, to start a joint masternode of a specific coin that they want to setup. The pools have a fixed duration which, when finished, will be dismantled and the coins sent back to the investors with the part due for the return. The pooled masternodes will be launched at a later time, when the ICO is terminated and the masternode shares are fully operational. In addition, a small fee from the pool will sent to the ms token holder, so those who own our token will first receive revenue from masternode invest and secondly a fee from the masternode pool.

4) Which kind of technology did you choose and why?
In crypto currency world there are a lot of masternode coins, but most of them are not usefull coins – coins without a real usage, they are only copied and pasted crypto currency focused to low fee, instant transaction, and anonymous send, often they offer a very high daily % ROI that will only inflate the currency causing a fast loss of value.

Our team has selected only the best masternode coin as Dash, Pivx, Block, Zcoin and some other coins with a real use, a real and active team and a sustainable ROI; this gives longevity and credibility to us.

5) Why should people choose your project?
This is a very important question because In 2018 we see a lot of ico tokens dumped 95%  or more from ico price; and many investor lose trust in ico projects. There are surely some reasons that we need to analyze and understand the reasons.

First off all, offering a high discount rate in presale and pre-ico round, will probably cause a dump in price, because big investors that bought tokens in presale round with 200% discount, for example, want to sell all immediately all his tokens to realize his gain in a short time, while small investors or those who hold tokens because they trust the ICO project will se his total amount easily and quickly decimated.

Second we must analyze token distribution; if only a small percentage of token will be sold in public sale and a big percentage will be allocated at the dev team, we can think that one minute after token will listed to an exchange, they probably sell his entire bag of tokens, causing a dump in price; we see ico that designated only 30% of token in public sale… and 70% divided in marketing wallet, advisor wallet, dev wallet, team wallet and so on.

We need to verify and research a real use of that token, because only if the token is used, only if the platform where token is used is ready, only if the product is ready and fully working… only in this case there will be a token request, If not, the price will dump immediately and nobody will want to buy it.

For this reason we offer only 20% discount in presale round, we have allocated more token possible to public sale and percent of token held by team is inversely proportional, so the more we raise, the less token in percentage terms we hold; Furthermore dev team token will be locked forever, we NEVER can sell on exchange our token.

Masternode Invest offers a real fintech crypto currencies product, 30 days after ICO ends our investor receive in their eth verified wallet first revenue managed and sent automatically by our smart contract; in addition we need to think that with today’s data (this data can change in any moment without our operation) we give a revenue about 20% yearly with a token price of 0.10$, so if price dump for some reason at 0.01$ it’s mean that yearly revenue will be 200% because with 1,00 eth you’ll buy x10 token and revenue will be x10 too. This because we divide all masternode revenue by the number of tokens, more token you hold, independently the price that you pay for token, and more revenue you will receive, and this will cause an high buy rate, and price token return at least to ICO price.

A quotation of Warren Buffet says that “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”; well masternode invest offer a real opportunity to receive a monthly ethereum revenue every month, without technical skill, without large investment, our investor needs only to hold MS token in own erc20 wallet and watch revenue coming in.

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