Blixt, the Green Startup that is Empowering the Electric Evolution

We had the pleasure to interview Charlotta Holmquist, CFO of Blixt


Green economy is a very common issue nowadays, but more often than people cannot link this content to a real product. How to make people closer to that? We had the chance to interview Charlotta Holmquist, CFO of Blixt, one of the most interesting green startup based in Sweden, which also joined the Berlin Ecosummit last summer (the aim of this event was to accelerate smart green startups and to connect investors and corporates)

Can you briefly describe your business and your purpose?
We are the first and only company to develop miniature, solid state circuit breaker and multidirectional inverters; critical components that will accelerate the transformation to sustainable, all-electric technologies world wide, on all levels of society, like energy, mobility and industry 4.0.

In essence, Blixt is a Technology Factory for innovations that Empower the Electric Evolution. Our advanced designs are soon to be integrated in millions of electrical devices, fuse boxes, connected cars, industry applications, energy generation, storage and charging solutions around the world. Moreover, they are efficient, affordable and secure. The core is our patented universal hardware and open software stacks, enabling companies to develop solutions and new business areas that enable industry transformation at speed.

Pollution and environmental issues: how can Blixt solvehelp in solving them?
Blixt technologies enables more renewable energy resources and electric vehicles in the existing grid through our load balancing ability. The ability to remotely shut on/off, modulate and monitor enables totally new energy efficiency opportunities on a global scale.

Which target of customers are you getting involved in?
Disruptive technologies creates new business models, not the least for the end-distributor (utility and others). Our business model is based on three pillars: 1) Licensing of production 2) Royalty for each chip shipped 3) Software services for IoT integrations, custom applications, support.

However, our current and future partners foresee lots of opportunities to disrupt their current models the moment our technologies comes online. Ranging from switching from analogue to digital testing in the automotive industry (pilot, planned in 2019) to unlocking the value of connecting Decentralised Energy resources to the energy markets at large.

Which kind of applications will be able on your devices?
Blixt’s revolutionary tech enables a vast range of totally new applications within a implementation areas such as energy, industry, lighting, automotive. All Blixt devices are OTA (Over The Air) enabled which provides the opportunity to continously develop new applications that can be distributed to the local environment, like a Tesla car’s updates.

When do you think we can buy and install Blixt’s products also in Italy?
A solid state circuit breaker based on SOC (System on a Chip) for the fuse box environment will most likely hit the market approximately 3 years from now. The two most time consuming stages for the commercialization is the compliance (all certification globally today is based on mechanical heritage) and design the Blixt technology into a system on a chip (to bring down the production cost to a minimum).

What are Blixt’s products made of?
Purely electronics like micro controllers, mosfets etc.

Do you think that maybe in future are you going to use blockchain in your business?
No, but that will not be up to me to decide.  We will license our technologies to multinational corporations that will incorporate Blixt Tech in their products. They will decide. I must say however that I am slightly surprised by the question, mainly because I work with disruption. I tend not to try to find implementation areas for existing technologies (like blockchain), rather identify what you can replace existing technologies with.

Written by Edoardo Leggio

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