Buyer Persona: What you Need to Know About your Costumers


With the term “Buyer Persona” we refer to the general representation of the ideal client of a company. Whether you are a startup or a multinational company, you need to perfectly know who is (potentially) going to buy your products.

Why do you need to identify these people?

  1. It is useful to personalize your strategy – both in marketing and sales management
  2. It becomes much easier to develop ideas and customize your messages, if you have a person with clear characteristics in mind

How to create your Buyer Persona?
Start collecting info, both demographic and psychographic, such as:

  • name, age, job title
  • location
  • needs, frustrations
  • personality and online habits
  • professional goals

After acquiring all the data, what’s next? Create your archetype!
Try to give it a name and take a picture that can identify your typical customer: that will help you to make everything more realistic.

Case Study
Your company sells cosmetic products and beauty creams; you could have several buyer personas including a young girl named Anna. She is 31 years old, not married and lives in France with her dog. She treats her skin and already uses products for the well-being of the body, preferring the natural ones.

Anna enjoys doing outdoor activities and uses her free time to walk her dog, take a walk or trek in the mountains. She uses to buy online, especially books, appliances or technology products.

Pragmatic and attentive, she cares about the quality of life.

Ask yourself:

  • Why should Anna be interested in my products?
  • What are the main «everyday problems» Anna faces?
  • What are the values Anna believes in?
  • How does Anna make her decision making process, before buying a product?

Knowing your buyer persona will help your startup find the best strategy to reach your target and convince them to buy your product.

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