TechStorm Announces Inaugural “Media Launchpad” for Marketplace-Ready Gamefi and Digital Assets

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TechStorm is Asia’s largest and fastest growing media distribution platform that celebrates the region’s rising stars in esports, gaming and tech innovations; available across 33 countries, we showcase a compelling line-up of the best in-class, first-run and high-quality exclusive entertainment targeting the masses, esports spectator audience, millennials, GenZs and young families. Its scaled up, multi-platform distribution has reached over 115 premium partner platforms in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand. TechStorm has reached a multi-footprint community of 92 million esports, gaming and tech enthusiasts in Asia, and is currently distributed across 33 million mobile OTT subscribers and over 15 million subscriber households.

TechStorm, Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing and de facto largest esports media entertainment network for Millennials and Gen Zs, has announced its inaugural “media launchpad”, with the aim of leading successful collaborations with the regional Web 3.0 community across Gamefi, digital assets including NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and more.

This first-of-its-kind content partnership platform will aggregate unique, high quality, curated NFT projects with strong utility features primed for listing on open NFT marketplaces, as well as fresh Gamefi projects that are ready for a wider video gaming enthusiast community on TechStorm.

“We are exhilarated to unveil an all-Asian slate of specially curated projects designed by the Gamefi and Asian NFT creator community, which will be handpicked and revealed on a rolling basis by our in-house team as part of a regular content segment aptly named TechStorm’s The Drop. We have spotted a massive market opportunity with first-timers looking to access the rapidly booming, non-curated NFT marketplaces such as Opensea. Our aim is to help them navigate the NFT space and enable increased selectivity by amassing unique projects endorsed for their strong consumer value proposition. This is a great avenue to introduce the world of NFTs and Gamefi titles to TechStorm’s audience – a community of 92 million across 11 territories in Asia aged between 18-34 – who are eager to discover new NFT drops, Gamefi trends and projects,” says Debbie Lee, Founder of TechStorm.

Lee continues: “Our first drop will feature the following:

Affyn’s “Generation Zero Buddies” – the first NFT collection to enter their play-and-earn metaverse “NEXUS World”;
For more information on Affyn visit

NFT11, a football-inspired metaverse and an immersive football management game incorporating elements of strategy and RPG. Players will be responsible for buying/trading/loaning players and defining their strategy to play and win tournaments;
For more information on NFT11 visit

OSC DAO NFT by Original Startups Collective (OSC) is a revolutionary borderless Web 3.0 startup that operates the OSC Metaverse Start-up Launchpad with the goal of aggregating myriad talent in the digital space, under a vibrant Web 3.0 platform community. OSC DAO NFT provides members access to members-only activities such as the OSC metaverse launchpad, acceleration programs, pitch & networking sessions as well as priority access to training, seminars & job opportunities.
For more information on OSC DAO NFT visit

To this end, we are excited to bring more NFT and Gamefi creators on board our media launchpad to showcase their collections for content review so that they can tap into our Web 3.0 -ready TechStorm audience. As part of our foray into greater Web 3.0, we are pleased to announce Altonomy, a global cryptocurrency trading firm based out of Singapore joining our roster of investors. Established in 2018, Altonomy is a trading firm specializing in cryptocurrencies with an AUM northward of US$500 million. They operate a myriad of successful businesses not limited to proprietary trading, mining and venture capital.”

According to analysis firm Statista, NFT transactions in the collectible segment for 2021 generated almost US$8.6 billion – an 860% jump from US$10 million in 2020. The industry saw early success in verticals like NBA Topshot which has surpassed over US$1 billion in all-time sales. A report from NFT data company also estimated that sales of NFTs hit US$17 billion last year. At the same time, there are an estimated 3 billion gamers worldwide, half of them in Asia – the same region that is seeing robust growth in the play-to-earn (P2E) trend. TechStorm’s strong presence in the region overlaps with the top 6 NFT markets in Asia – Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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