Dubai Metaverse Strategy: Another Step Towards the Future

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Dubai has been a pioneer in the blockchain and crypto world, with companies contributing around $500 million to the national economy. Crypto entrepreneurs, investors, influencers have moved to Dubai in order to take advantage of the friendly tax system and benefit from the huge and effective blockchain network.

And Dubai is leading on the blockchain revolution, again: the city just launched the Dubai Metaverse Strategy with the following key objectives:

  • Become the 1st city in the region and one of the top 10 cities globally in terms of meta verse economy
  • Add $4 billion to Dubai’s economy in 5 years
  • Support 40,000 jobs in the Metaverse sector
  • x5 blockchain and metaverse companies in 5 years

What are the pillars of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy?

  1. Infrastructure and Regulation refinement
  2. Adoption, scaling and global advocation of safe platforms
  3. Foster metaverse innovation and economic contribution
  4. Cultivate metaverse talent through education and training
  5. Develop metaverse use-cases and applications in Dubai government

Erika Rosenstein, Financial PR advisor and Managing Director at Rosenstein Capital, commented: “The Dubai Metaverse Strategy has a huge potential: with a friendly tax regime, an international community and a strong network of existing companies, Dubai represents a great choice for blockchain and metaverse startups.”

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