Mallconomy: Build your Business Empire in the Metaverse

Earning a secondary income in the Metaverse is now possible, thanks to Mallconomy.

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Mallconomy is a community-based gamified Metaverse Shopping Mall that empowers people to start, build and grow a business of the future. After closing a successful pre-seed round, involving both VCs and private investors, Mallconomy continues to develop the project according to their ambitious roadmap. 

The project is led by a team which has already built a Multi-Award Winning, FCA-regulated fintech startup, in the UK. The team has caught the attention of experienced and trusted advisors who have worked for some of the world’s largest companies, including Google, Microsoft, Barclays, Hasbro, Shell, and Sandbox, to name but a few. 

Currently in the final stages of preparation for the seed investment round, Mallconomy shows impressive numbers: +35K app registrations before the launch, 1K Daily Active Users (almost the same as giants like Decentraland and Sandbox).

Create your avatar and earn in the Metaverse.

Mallconomy users will be able to create their avatar and:

  • buy, rent or lease a store
  • hire people
  • apply for job offers in the Metaverse
  • work for big brands
  • attend Mallconomy’s Academy and learn new digital skills
  • socialise in the Metaverse
  • Buy and sell on Mallconomy’s marketplace
  • Use the MallBank services

…and more!

The WOOT token.

Mallconomy has an entire ecosystem that revolves around $WOOT. WOOT stands for Work, Own, Operate, Transfer, and it’s a modified version of one of the most well-known financial models: “Build, Operate, Transfer” (BOT).

Work: you can start your career in the Metaverse thanks to a wide range of job offers, from newbies to professionals, thanks to their dedicated recruitment feature.

Own: you can use your entrepreneurial spirit and own a store, secure a loan to fund your business empire, or apply for a mortgage to own your ecommerce real estate in the Metaverse. 

Operate: you can manage your store on your own, or hire people to do it on your behalf. Not enough? You can set Mallconomy’s AI to automate your store 24/7.

Transfer: you can buy and sell on the Mallconomy marketplace, transfer your NFTs to other players and collectors, or find loot boxes to trade with other players or store owners.

What’s next?
The team has set an ambitious roadmap, and a trusted team of highly experienced developers to deliver it. Mallconomy will start a series of promotional activities soon: the MallCard sale; the private sale, followed by the public sale. By the end of this year, WOOT will also be listed on a DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

For more information, visit the official website.

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