Nordic Blockchain Conference: Pioneering a Better Future.

Business and Leaders is proud to announce a media partnership with the Nordic Blockchain Conference.

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The Nordic Blockchain Conference has been organised by one of the biggest non profit blockchain organisations in the nordics, an international distributed organisation that is built on Scandinavian values.

Nordic Blockchain Association is a network facilitator that helps impactful organizations, solutions and networks that utilize blockchain and DLT to address the challenges of living in a society that is being transformed by the fourth industrial revolution.

As a leading source of global collaborative intelligence on blockchain, one of the association key
commitments is connecting community and network through a range of initiatives by a monthly curated event series leveraging knowledge and information to a broad network of Web2.5 professionals as well as student groups based primarily in northern europe.

All the above is leading to the yearly flagship conference extending reach and connecting Web2 and Web3 professionals to propel further inspiration that powers education to strengthen business relations, support transition on blockchain and promote blockchain technology, as part of the joined interest.

Common to all the events is the congregation of a strong representation of industry stakeholders from traditional cooperates, academia and researchers, key players from the creative and cultural industries, investors, financial and public sector and IT, and marketing related companies, not to mention ecosystem pioneers and front runners.

The 2022 edition of Nordic Blockchain Conference will contribute and unblock business potentials by driving connections from an intimate space with only 370+ dedicated and strong attendees, speakers and sponsors. The gain of an intimate conference is creating focus on content, in-person introductions and business connections with depth.

Nordic Blockchain Association has encouraged blockchain enthusiasts, leaders and professionals to make connections, learn more about blockchain and meet the movers and shakers of the industry.

Business and Leaders is a proud media partner of the Nordic Blockchain Conference.

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