SwissBorg and the Democratization of Wealth Management

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By Erika Rosenstein

SwissBorg is a Swiss-based cryptocurrency wealth management platform that aims to provide its users with access to a range of financial services. The company was founded in 2017 following an ICO raising more than 52 Million dollars. SwissBorg’s motto is to democratize wealth management by making it fun, fair and community-centric.

The company offers a range of products and services that are designed to make it easier for individuals to manage and invest in cryptocurrency. These include an exchange aggregator to fetch the best prices for any trade, fully transparent compounding interests on multiple digital assets, bundles of crypto that rebalance automatically and much more.

I had the pleasure to interview Cyrus Fazel, Founder and CEO of SwissBorg. Cyrus is a multicultural fintech professional with more than a decade of experience in asset management and algorithmic trading.

What is SwissBorg Series A?

In the equity space, private markets outshine their public counterparties by several orders of magnitude – both in size and returns. Still, these lucrative opportunities are reserved for selected circles of institutional funds and accredited investors. The average retail investor is systematically excluded from the most valuable deals in the world. For decades this elitist model has been sustained due to bureaucratic accreditations and the capacity of big players to close and diversify.

The segmentation is clear:

  • Private deals (pre-IPO) represent the most significant slice of the pie and offer the highest value proposition – they are reserved for selected circles of invited investors.
  • Public offerings (post-IPO): earliest investment point for retail investors, commonly used as an exit for the same invited investors that contributed in earlier private rounds.

Until now, the average person had no chance to compete, limited to becoming exit liquidity for VC funds and big institutional players.

Today, SwissBorg proves their commitment to a community-centric future by democratising access to our their own equity – empowering community members to become SwissBorg shareholders, SwissBorg partners.

SwissBorg’s is setting the governance standard for Web3 ownership structures – “we want SwissBorg to be by the community for the community.

Our Series A capital increase will highlight the communion of company ownership and communities. It is the first step towards a community-led society.

We’ve gone through a tough bear market in 2022. Why should people invest in your Series A?

This is a Series A to bootstrap their growth and emerge from this bear market as European market leaders. With the strength of survivors and many of their competitors made insolvent, SwissBorg sees an opportunity to consolidate this fragmented marketplace to scale and solidify their competitive advantage. In fact, they like to think outside the box and see in this crypto winter a great countercyclical opportunity. In this way they will get the best valuation for their community of app users and therefore the best risk/reward ratio.

People may want to step up and become SwissBorg investors for multiple reasons, but the ones they encourage the most are linked to their overall mission. Making crypto accessible to all isn’t an easy task and will take time, but if someone believes in the future of cryptocurrencies, we are certain that SwissBorg is in a prime spot to grow as well. They have always been on top of all security and regulatory processes in this world, which hasn’t always been valued by traders but in time, became one of their strongest features.

This series A is an opportunity to become partners with a company whose mission is to build the best investing environment for everyone. This is the kind of offering many people regret not having participated in for companies such as Facebook or Apple. Well, now is the time for SwissBorg and all of the information for an educated decision is available on our website.

As per September 2022 data, SwissBorg generated around $150M in revenues. What are the reasons for this success?

SwissBorg has committed to developing products that are beneficial for our community and easy to use. The Smart Engine, for example, guarantees that we offer the best price on the market by enabling our users to access 5 major exchanges with a single tap. We have shown an impeccable track record in terms of risk management and this is recognised by the strength of our community. When the rest of the industry was offering yields that could only be justified by taking high-risk positions, we opted for yields that aligned with our low-risk policy and our strong values to protect our users above everything. CHSB, their token, has been a great driver of that success as well.

What are your plans for 2023?

In 2023, they will continue to build out an ecosystem which makes crypto wealth accessible to everyone. As they “buidl” (build) SwissBorg, prioritising their community of app users, they know that they are uniquely well-positioned to take on the future. They see themselves as the wealth management app of Web3. The future of the internet had a market value of $1.36 billion in 2021 and is rapidly expanding. A $13 trillion market for tokenised assets is predicted for 2030. As early adopters of crypto, they want to empower their community to take full advantage of this new frontier.

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