TMRW Conference is Ready to Welcome you to Dubai

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By Erika Rosenstein

In 2022, the TMRW conference was one of the first that was held offline after the pandemic. Following the major debut success in Belgrade (Serbia), with 21,000 in-person and online participants from 100 countries, more than 50 speakers, and 250 crypto-related companies, the TMRW conference is ready to conquer the Middle East!

According to the organizers, from February 8 – 10, the world’s greatest crypto and NFT minds will gather at Dubai Festival City to consider all aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and find out more about the future of digital currency.

When it comes to TMRW speakers, some big names have already been announced, but the list will be updated in the upcoming period. According to organizers, speakers are pioneers in the industry, and also the most well-known international names, including Craig Sellars, Founder of Tether, Joel Dietz, CEO of MetaMetaverse, Nikita Sachdev, CEO & Founder of Luna PR, Mark van Rijmenam, better known as The Digital Speaker, Sharad Agarwal, Chief Metaverse Officer of Cyber Gear, Anndy Lian, an all-rounded business strategist and serial blockchain entrepreneur from Asia, Loretta Joseph, global regulatory advisor at AP Capital, and Dr. Michael Gebert, chairman of the European Blockchain Association also known as an expert in building new business models with a critical and provocative view for a realistic roadmap to develop the new digital now. More speakers will be announced in the following days.

I had the privilege to meet Zoran Tadic, TMRW’s program director.

In 2022, TMRW Conference gathered more than 10k crypto enthusiasts: how did you do that?

The idea behind TMRW as a brand is to focus on what the possible paths to the future may be. These outcomes may not necessarily be how we want them to be, but it is our responsibility to let the world know in which direction the future of blockchain technology (and related technologies) may lead us to. We have also established a new way of making conferences look attractive to people – and combined it with carefully vetted speakers and partners to launch new names into the space of emerging tech. We believe this was recognized by the audience, and this is exactly why, with the expectation of 2500 delegates in Belgrade, May 2022 we had over 6000 in-person attendees and over 15000 online attendees through different streaming platforms, including the Metaverse we partnered with.

You’re ready for something even more spectacular in 2023: TMRW Conference Dubai. What can participants expect?

We have understood what 2022 brought to this space – and we understand everyone’s extremely cautious with the next steps to take. This is going to be our main focus for the first quarter of 2023 – eliminate FOMO and reintroduce stability through regulatory incentives and legislation. The hurt from everything that happened last year left deep scars that need to be carefully mended. This will be reintroduced by a number of high profile development projects especially in the vertical of artificial intelligence and gaming – one of the emerging tech segments we are diving into. We understood the potential of these two areas as they had the greatest impact on the industry in a positive way. And we will proudly support these efforts and launch them further to the top.

Your sponsors and partners are some of the leading companies in the Web3 industry. How did you build such strong relationships?

We clearly communicate our mission and vision to all our partners and sponsors. We are extremely transparent about where we’re heading and what our strategic goals are. Our partners value such effort and we aim to go the extra mile to give every possible chance to give maximum visibility. We also help growing companies in this way, so partnering with large companies brings all the lesser-known partnerships a lot of added value – and those leading companies are informed of that. Building partnerships is among the stronger points of TMRW as a brand.

What are the main topics you will focus on?

Our main topic is to explore what the true meaning of financial freedom is. This is aligned with all other trends and covers verticals of NFT/Crypto/Metaverse/AI/Gaming but also applied robotics, especially the connection between those verticals and traditional industries like education, transportation, healthcare, finance and many more. All the topics will lead (or flow-into) several highlights of each day, which will be panel talks on stages followed up by fireside chats for a selected number of pre-registered attendees. But if you want to know more about the main topics we plan to cover – visit our website and you’ll find out all about them. 











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