Prague Gaming and Tech Summit: the Future of Gaming, Blockchain and AI in the CEE Region

An interview with Zoltán Tűndik

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By Erika Rosenstein

Prague Gaming and Tech Summit is the key event of the Central and Eastern European region. The conference series has been launched in 2017 and has enjoyed yearly growth while continuously bringing innovation to the boutique-style events landscape.

As a strategic partner of the Prague Gaming and Tech Summit, I had the pleasure to interview Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther Agency.

Prague Gaming and Tech Summit is expected to be one of the most important tech events of 2023: what are the top 3 topics you’ll discuss? 
We particularly excited about this edition as it going to be our biggest one up to date. We are bringing together multiple industries to create a synergy that will help boost business. The year 2022 has brought many new innovations in the top tech spheres and 2023 is expected to see many interesting projects being finalized. The top 3 topics on the agenda are the gaming in 2023, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Although we have several topics on the agenda, these 3 are going to be the most talked about topics. The growth which has been seen lately and the growth which is projected in these areas will surely help humanity reach the next level in technology.
What can participants expect?

We have so many participants that are coming back each year to Prague for our event and that says a lot, given the fact that we been hosting the conference yearly since 2017. We are always putting a lot of effort into the quality of the content and the quality of the networking sessions. It all has to be “participant-friendly” and seamless. We always invite revolutionary thinkers and compliance experts to give only the best advice and share the vital information which are needed by the participants. We never favor one speaker over another and thus, I can’t name the top speakers. We encourage everyone to check out the list of confirmed speakers in order to judge for themselves the level of the content that is going to be shared ( But, panel and networking sessions, I can certainly point out.

I am particularly looking forward to the Blockchain sessions as the experts will addressing so many burning questions. Among which the EU regulation on cryptocurrencies, MiCA, blockchain for the supply chain, regulated crypto environments, and more. I am also very much looking forward to the AI, Fintech and Gaming sessions. The gaming/gambling industry has always been our most important sector. We have started out from this industry and we have most of our knowledge in gaming/gambling industry. I am keen to hear from the experts sharing compliance updates from multiple jurisdictions such as Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the D-A-CH region and in premiere, the USA.

Regarding the networking, we have plenty of opportunities during specially designed networking breaks and complimentary lunch. It’s the perfect moment where participants can create new connections or meet up with old ones and enjoy a few moments. The networking starts from the 28th of March, when local participants and international participants who arrive early, are invited to some welcome drinks and networking at the official hotel’s bar.

Besides the daily networking sessions, we are hosting two evening social gatherings where we invite all participants to join us for drinks, snacks and lots of unwinding hours.

Your sponsors and partners are some of the leading companies in the Gaming industry. How did you build such strong relationships?

We have always been considered as the “brutally honest” and most dedicated organizer by many of our partners and over the past 8 years of hosting events we have managed to build a small family like environment for the speakers and delegates taking part in our events. We are proud of this achievement and we are also proud of keeping our boutique-style format for many years and continuously improving the quality.

Where can people find more information about Prague Gaming and Tech Summit?

All the information about the agenda, speakers, attending companies, sponsors, and venue can be found on the official landing page of the event:

Additionally, myself and my colleagues are always available on the live chat which can be found on the website or can be directly contacted by email or on social media.

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