5 European Web3 Projects to Watch in 2023

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By Erika Rosenstein

2022 was a particularly complex year for the world of web3. We returned to the bear market after a 2021 full of surprises (and ATHs). The collapse of Luna first, the FTX scandal and the further collapse of Solana are just some of the events that affected the web3 industry.

Nevertheless, entrepreneurs and startups have continued to work hard to grow their projects and ensure the success of their companies.

I identified 5 European Web3 projects to watch in 2023: they have distinguished themselves through determination and innovative power.

Danish Blockchain Lab. Danish Blockchain Lab is a fully remote organization with security engineers based in Denmark, Singapore, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, and Cyprus. Their approach is to ensure the security of any blockchain network, through a combination of manual and automated code review. The company recently received two prestigious awards: “Emerging cybersecurity business of the year 2022” and “Innovation Award for Blockchain Security Analysis 2022”.

NFT Factory. The NFT Factory is a unique space to discover NFTs, network and build projects in the Web3, for entrepreneurs, artists, corporates. Investors and the public. The NFT Factory was created in March 2022 by a collective of 128 tech and crypto leaders, artists, investors and executives at companies including Allianz Accelerator, Arianee, Blackpool, LaCollection, Dogami, Ethereum France, Galeries Lafayette Group, Ledger, Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA), NFT Morning Podcast, RTFKT, The Sandbox and Sorare.

Mallconomy. Mallconomy is an AI-powered gamified metaverse discovery and growth platform that ushers in a new era of web3 commerce and digital experiences. Harnessing the power of AI, the platform offers a unique shopping and discovery journey that seamlessly blends the convenience of the digital world with the personalized touch of a brick-and-mortar store. By leveraging AI technology to analyze user data and trends, Mallconomy empowers users with powerful tools to optimize their stores, enhance product sales, and expand their reach to a wider audience. Think of it as the Google Analytics for the Metaverse, driven by AI intelligence.

Northstake. Northstake is a regulated Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP, FTID: 17520) under DFSA and AMLD5.  The company is pioneering a proprietary multi-chain crypto staking platform allowing financial instruments to be built on top and offer exposure to yield bearing crypto assets. By removing the barriers to crypto and ensuring compliance within the current and future EU regulatory scope (MiCA/AMLR), investors may build yield generating crypto products leveraging their platform and distribution model Northstake bridge TradFi and crypto by simplifying the way institutions invest in crypto products.

ZTLment. ZTLment is a European payment service provider offering a smart contract software that is fully compliant with PSD2. The company has two main goals: to eliminate the $1.7 trillion global trade finance gap; to help businesses and B2B platforms unlock cash flows, save costs and improve user experiences.

Would you like to pitch your Web3 project for an opportunity to be featured in the next “Web3 projects to watch in 2023”? Send me a message on LinkedIn and tell me more about it.

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